I spend far less time chasing payments, and it costs me just 25p.

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We're the easiest way for your customers to pay you.

Get paid in four clicks. All your customer needs is their normal bank account.

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“All it takes is a few seconds!”

Step 1

Enter your customer’s details and what they owe you.

Step 2

Your customer can choose their bank.
All I need is my banking app.
I paid Adam in just a few taps, job done!

Step 3

Your customer is redirected to their banking app to make payment.

Pay as you go.

Don't spend your hard earned sales on high transaction fees. We only play a small role and our pricing reflects this.

Smart Payments

20p + 0.2%

Per successful use

Billed monthly
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We Work Together with UK Banks

We’re integrated with major UK banks to ensure that we cover almost all business and current accounts.


Create professional invoices quickly and easily. You can even add our Smart Payments to these!

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We’re a Financial Institution

We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Create invoices on your favourite accounting software and integrate Coupay payments seamlessly.

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