For Tradesmen

You keep everyone going! However, post Covid, cash payments have become even more tricky. With Coupay's smart bank transfer your customers can make a bank transfer in just 4 clicks and no need to key in any of your details.

Costing you only 20p per payment, it will also save you hundreds of pounds compared to card payments!

We summarise below the advantages and disadvantages of different payment solutions.


Zero cost to you

Works best if you like to pay with cash for your daily expenses as well

Carrying cash is becoming less and less common and handling change is inconvenient.

Smart Bank Transfer

'No touch' payment for the current times

Easy - your customers pay in just a few clicks. No need to key in your bank details

You get money instantly straight to your bank account

Costs flat 20p per transaction


Cards are used by everyone and contactless is very efficient but only for low value transactions.

High cost. Usually 1% of transaction value i.e. £2 for a £200 transaction

You need to carry card machine everywhere and deal with dying batteries!

In these times, customers may prefer not to touch the pin pad!