Small Businesses:

"Bank transfers are honestly so hassle free, I'm always paid on time and theres no chance a customer could key in the wrong details". - No small business owner ever.

Send a Smart Payment Request and 8 out of 10 customers pay within 24 hours.

Here's a quick comparison:

Bank Transfers

Payments arrive in your account immediately.

Customers are used to bank transferring.

Keying in payment details is time consuming for customers.

If details are wrong, it's very hard to get your money back.

Smart Payments

Get paid in just three taps.

All transaction details are prefilled.

Your regular, safe banking app is used.

Payments are instant and go directly into your bank account.

We charge just 20p per transaction, billed monthly.

Stripe / Paypal

Well known, trusted brands which are easy to use.

High transaction fees.
(Paypal charge 2.9% + 30p per transaction!)

Your money is held for up to 2 weeks before being released to you.

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