For Freelancers

Late payments can be a massive bane for freelancers. While it's easy to assume that the clients are just disorganised, in reality, a key reason why your clients pay late is because it takes time away from their work. Most of your clients are small businesses and like you they prefer to avoid excessive admin work. As per Tungsten Network's Friction Index research, 39% of customers pay late because of lack of automation.

Make paying easy for them and get paid on time!

Bank transfer

Zero cost to you

Clunky for your clients. They have to key in all of your bank details and register you before they can make the payment.

Infrequent payments like yours gets deprioritised in your clients busy day

Smart Bank Transfer

It's easy. Your customers pay in just a few clicks. No need to key in your bank details or register

Only costs you 20p per transaction!

Easy for you to reconcile all your invoices.