For Accountants

Let's admit it, the HMRC PAYE payment process is not an up to date process for our digital age. Writing long emails to every client with all the payment details and how to pay guidelines is unproductive for you and isn’t popular with your clients either! Similar is the case with other HMRC payments.

Coupay can automate this for you and your clients. You upload your client details once and then send them Smart bank transfer requests with everything filled in. Your clients pay in a few clicks with no chance of messing up the details or payment reference!

Bank transfer

You need to manually email the details to every client

Clients need to triple check while making large bank transfer payments to HMRC. Even then, sometimes wrong reference numbers are picked up by bank due to last payment history

You don’t know if they’ve failed to pay until it is too late!

Smart Bank Transfer

Automates the process completely, saving you precious time.

Easy for your clients - they pay in just a few clicks. No risk of mistakes with amount or reference.

You are notified when customers have paid so can rest assured that all your clients are compliant!.