One off payments

Whether you are selling a car or helping someone with their new home, it's common practice to email bank details for customers to make the payment or put down their deposit.

Transferring large amounts can be stressful for your customers especially while manually entering all your account details.

Coupay can help make the payment journey a lot simpler for just a flat 20p per transaction!

Independent car garage
We recommend
At your store for small amounts
While they are costly, contactless is undoubtedly the most efficient method of transaction.
At your store for large amounts
Smart bank transfer
Offers convenience of not having to enter any of the account details. Makes it stress free and avoids mistakes. All at a fraction of card costs!
Remote sales
Smart bank transfer
Enhances security by avoiding sharing of your bank details over emails. Your customers make a bank transfer in just 4 clicks - stress free and no mistakes.
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