How to streamline your freelance business processes

Cutting through the noise

Knowing when to switch off emails, put the phone on silent and pop that ‘deep focus’ playlist on (or, hey, whatever works for you) is key to getting stuff done. We are subjected to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertising messages each day. Whether that’s via Instagram, your favourite podcast, the radio, TV or that helpful industry blog you signed up to, that’s a hell of a lot of noise. Rising above all of that daily distraction and creating a noise-free bubble, even if just for an hour, gives you the brain space to work through your process and effectively do what you do.

Working smarter vs working harder

If you ever catch yourself wondering why you seem to have so little free time- you’re not alone. As previously mentioned, being freelance means immediately inheriting several different job roles, many of which, let’s face it, you didn’t necessarily think you’d be signing up for. That means you’re continuously having to develop new skills, break out of the comfort zone and learn on the job. Nailing all these new skills takes up a lot of your time. Don’t be tricked into thinking you need to work ‘harder’ when actually, with the help of a few simple tools, working a little smarter can quickly shave off those excess hours of wasted time.

Top tools for freelancers

With a number of tools and platforms out there, all designed for freelancers, it’s important to first identify the type of solution you truly need. Once you’ve drawn up a list of your key challenges, start shopping around for some of the handy freelancer tools on offer. If you need to draw up a new contract with a client, check out Bonsai for handy, easy to use proposals and contract templates. Time-logging software such as Toggl can help you keep a close eye on client time allocation and tighten up your over serviced hours while free tools such as Trello and Basecamp can help you with to-do lists and project management.

Fine-tuning your finances

With a true passion for what you do comes the inclination to go above and beyond. However, sadly we all have bills to pay and none of us have discovered that proverbial money tree just yet (we’ll keep you posted).

Cutting down on expenses can be a great way to fine-tune your finances.

Maybe you rent a shared office or co-working space, perhaps you like to work in your favourite café and sip on several caramel lattes to help energise and inspire you throughout the day, maybe you invested in the all-singing-all-dancing latest solution to help wow your client and never actually used it. Taking a step back to review, and ideally trim down your regular expenses can have a hugely positive impact on your profit margins.

Ask the question: is this directly going to make me money? Has my client asked for this? Does this fit with this month’s plan?

If the answer is a sheepish ‘no’ to all of the above, then you know what to do.

And of course- when it comes to fine-tuning your invoicing process, we’ve got that one covered too you.

Check out how Coupay Smart Transfer can help you to simplify your payment processes. 

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