How to streamline your freelance business processes

As a freelancer or small business owner, one of the biggest challenges is how best to spend your time. While prioritisation is mostly prescriptive as an employee, when you own the business, knowing what should come first is a different matter.

While many freelancers fall into a creative black hole, coming up with heaps of ideas or simply over-servicing clients, this is probably the most efficient way to throw your hard-earned money down the drain. The way you charge your clients and how efficiently you make use your time can have a huge effect on your bottom line.

But being a freelancer means having several different jobs, with multiple plates to juggle and daily learning and development all in the mix. Learning to be your own accountant, business administrator, sales and marketing strategist as well as your actual freelancer title means that you need to be able to sometimes step back to see the wood for the trees and maximise your time effectively.

But how do you cut through all the daily noise, filter out the bad habits and separate the profitable ideas from the ‘nice to have’ brainwaves? Over servicing clients is a freelancer challenge as old as time- here are some of our simple tips on how to strip it all back and start with the basics.

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